They Took My Joy

The bullying started in 3rd grade. I was at a school that had the motto “The school where everyone cares!” I learned a little to quickly that, that wasn’t the case. My 3rd grade teacher pointed her ruler at me and said “You are ...Read More


When I wrote an email (politely) inquiring why no grades had been posted or papers graded in a month,to the teacher she did not respond to me but went on a rant in class saying she taught students not parents and parents did not ...Read More

My Bully of a Coach

She will grab us by the arms, squeeze our arms, and pull us in and yell at our faces. She says that she wishes that she had better players, ball handlers, and shooters, but is so “glad” we are so conditioned, yet we’re too ...Read More

Disheartened parent

Coach changed teacher evals bc she didn’t like our oldest insulted her appearance. Told her to work on her stomach. When she did a full season in core training she graded her lower. She altered scores and cut her 2 times even tho she ...Read More


After complaining to my sons secondary about a teacher I have finally got a meeting as I am not letting this rest. She humiliates my son I from of the whole class and acts like a sergeant major in the army what else I ...Read More


My whole team has been bullied by our baseball coach for the past 2 years. We were afraid to say anything because we knew the coach would take it out on us. We told our parents not to say anything. Now we wish we ...Read More


My daughter coach has emotionally bullied her. She has targeted my daughter from day one. Her junior year my daughter quit basketball. It was a big mess we went to the board, principal,and the superintendent. Nothing was done about what was going on .then ...Read More

Not Good Enough

To be honest, I’m still not fully sure if it was/ is bullying or if it’s just that I’m not smart enough to be in the class. This year, I’m taking physics 2, and I have the same teacher as last year, Mr. F. ...Read More

Bad times in School

I was bullied at school for looking different, my head is big. I was picked on and called names every day and just humiliated constantly. I was called ‘big head’, I was never called by my name. There was a group of older boys ...Read More

Wow why did I wait so long….

My son is 16yo he is a Junior in high school. He has been bullied for the last 2-3 years. After doing some research I have found that his high school coaches have all the signs of a bullying staff. From the “be ready ...Read More