Bullied By Boyfriend for 3 Years

It took me awhile to post this up, but I recently got out of a relationship with my boyfriend who pretty much bullied me for three years. We broke up on and off through out the years and now I finally left him for good. Now I’m suffering with depression and trying to get myself back on my feet again. He was verbally abusive, emotionally abusive and gave me the silent treatment many times which is also very abusive. Now I suffer with PTSD and I have a hard time trusting many people cause of what I’ve been through. Remember many of times when I wanted to leave him, he used to tell me “Who would want you? You’re crazy…. and plus nobody else would be able to handle you like I can.” He’d tell me others would have left me and that I don’t know how good I have it, he played so many mind games with me and confused me for three years.

Now I’m finally speaking about it for the first time. Feel pretty much alone right now, cause I lost contact with a lot of my friends. I’m trying to get in contact with them again. Having a hard time coping and just wanted to put this out there cause I need relief. I’m tired of keeping this bottle up inside.