Bullies Trying to Hurt Me

On friday, Someone replaced my chair with one with the seat and legs separated. The table in my class are right behind on another. Had I sat on it, I would of fallen backwards and banged my head on the sharp edge of a table. I could of been rendered unconcious, or if I was lucky, have a bleeding head.

The worst part of this wasn’t them trying to hurt me.

The worst part was that nearly the whole class, save up to 5 people (out of 31), was in on it/wanted me to sit.

And that amount of people just proves that I am one of the least popular people in my school.

Reminds me of someone I should of stuck up for:

There’s this girl in my form who everyone hates because she isn’t that good looking

Someone put a really popular persons bag on her table, and the person who owned the bag, knowing full well that someone else had put it there, starting ranting at her, saying no one likes her, and the such. She was sat in the wrong place, by accident, and the person who owned the place did the same thing as the person who owned the bag.

The worst thing about that story?

I just sat there and watched. Didn’t try to help the girl. Just watched.

I really regret that.