When I wrote an email (politely) inquiring why no grades had been posted or papers graded in a month,to the teacher she did not respond to me but went on a rant in class saying she taught students not parents and parents did not need to question when papers would be graded or recorded on skyward. Skyward showed assignments as missing/not graded with a score of Zero. Then the teacher wrote back to me saying she had over 100 papers to grade and was trying to go to school to complete her masters degree. I wrote back that I understand completely. After inquiring , all my daughters grades went rock bottom. Her highest grade on projects were 40 and extra credit grade was 0. When we went to the office to request a meeting. The assistant principal called the teacher by text and the teacher text back she was unable to meet with us. Understandable on a spur of the moment, however ,were told by the assistant principal that we could meet sometime tomorrow and they would call us. But after we left the teacher immediately came into the principals office and summoned our daughter to the office to discuss why we were there. Our daughter said she felt she was on trial. We received no call for a future meeting. Two days later we called again and had to leave messages. We finally will meet tomorrow. Final grades are posted now. Our daughter failed history. She is a sophomore in high school and has never failed before. Her lowest grade in any history class was 92. This year her final history grade is 63.