My Bully of a Coach

She will grab us by the arms, squeeze our arms, and pull us in and yell at our faces. She says that she wishes that she had better players, ball handlers, and shooters, but is so “glad” we are so conditioned, yet we’re too slow. Most of practice consists of running, she says she wants us well-rounded, but she doesn’t work on anything else. We never shoot, do dribbling drills, anything to help us with our game. She calls us names all of the time. One of the most common things I been abused with is her targeting. PITCHing the basketball over heads, like easily 4 feet too high (that’s saying something, I can jump higher than most girls, and I can’t get the ball) or when we are shooting free throws, she will pitch basketballs at us. When she gets mad, she twists our jerseys or twist us by the arm and pulls us. Anytime she sees anyone on the team, ANYTIME, she will snicker and tell us how horrible we are. We have an assistant coach, but she just stands there and says nothing. I have 3 bruises on my arm, face, and feet from this abuse, yet I don’t want to report it again because last time, it made it way worse. And if I report it, (I’m playing for a higher grade) it will affect my playing time next year if I continue to play. Basketball is my passion, I don’t want to quit.