Not Good Enough

To be honest, I’m still not fully sure if it was/ is bullying or if it’s just that I’m not smart enough to be in the class. This year, I’m taking physics 2, and I have the same teacher as last year, Mr. F. Mr. F’s teaching style has never really worked for me, but I was able to get through last year okay. But this year, something changed. Suddenly I started failing tests. Not just one, but every test. Now to be clear, I am a high A, occasional B student. So this was very upsetting. And that’s when I started noticing distinctly the comments Mr. F made to the class, and how hurtful they were. They are never directed at me, or any one particular person, but it carries the implication that he is talking not to the class, but to that handful of people it applies to. Comments like “If you don’t understand this concept, you need to change careers right now” or “You should all drop the class. None of you will be successful if you go on like this.” He would make the concept or problem sound very basic and easy, when it was anything but. I have never intended to have a career in science, but this class has been so discouraging. I used to believe that i could if I wanted to, but now I’m not even sure I can pass this semester. Will someone please tell me, is Mr. F emotionally abusing the class? Or am I just not good enough?