Stood Up for Myself, But Don’t Know if it Was the Right Thing

So the school year recently started and with it came a few problems. Having social anxiety, dealing with new people is quite a bit difficult for me however, I do always try to be friendly and respectful and preferably try to keep as invisible as I possibly can. For the most part, school was going okay, I had a few friends in some classes and I get to see them during lunch and nutrition, but there two classes I don’t like at all. I don’t know anyone there and when I try to talk to them, they act really unkindly and mockingly.So, I decided to just quit trying to act friendly, seeing as I was not getting anywhere, and focused completely on my assignments. This worked for about two days, until people started say things about me like “she is so wierd”, ‘i bet you she thinks like she is all that, that’s why she doesn’t talk to anyone’ ‘she freaks me out” “she looks drugged”and other things I rather not repeat. I kept telling myself that I was going to ignore it because I wasn’t about to stoop to their level by fighting, and I did ,for about two days, but after that I got a bit depressed and my parents told me to just ignore them and focus on my work because all those kids wanted was to get a reaction out of me. The next day, I did ignore them for about half of the class, but since the comments that they were making began to grow even meaner it started to interfere with my work and I just exploded. I stood up from my desk and faced the class room and began to cuss at them and stared at them right in the eyes as I did it. It felt good to get out all of the frustrations I had inside, and after I was done, the teacher asked me if I wanted to go see the counselor and I said it would be for the best as I was absolutely pissed off and felt like beating some one up. After having a chat with the counselor, I asked her if I could go home as I wasn’t feeling good enough the rest of the school day. Although I feel relieved that I screamed at these people the frustrations I had stored in all this time, I am not really sure what to expect or what I should do after the weekend is over and I have to go back